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Whole Hive Honey Company, LLC is committed to offering its customers a variety of delicious small batch honey selections, while promoting the growth of honey bees in an effort to help support a better tomorrow for us all.  As a family owned and operated business, and as beekeepers ourselves, we both produce and source honey from our expanded network of apiary partners.  Our trademarked logo represents the global importance honeybees have on the world’s food supply, and the wonderful varieties of honey produced by honeybees around the world that Whole Hive Honey Company wants to share with you.


Produced by nature and meant to be shared, all are pure, raw and natural honey.  Enjoy! 


Chris & Kaley Conner 

Beekeepers – Owners 


Chris Conner inspecting hives in one of the apiaries.


Buy three (3) varieties of either the 4 oz. or 8 oz. Muth Jar honey and get a FREE gift box.  Build your own gift box for your gift-giving opportunities!

Honey Offerings & Descriptions

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Appalachian Mountain Honey

Our number one seller!  Like Wildflower Honey, Appalachian Mountain Honey is a multi-floral (or poly-floral) honey, derived from the nectar of a variety of spring blooms indigenous to the Appalachian Mountain region.  A blend of nectar sources from maple, tulip poplar, willow, basswood, holly, locust, dandelion, sumac, and clover make for delicious honey that is bursting with the rich flavors that only the Appalachian Mountains has to offer.  Wonderful in coffee! 

Better Than Butter Biscuit Honey


What could possibly be better on a made-from-scratch biscuit than a slab of butter?  We know…Better Than Butter Biscuit Honey.  Selected as the honey of choice in a customer taste test, this is a must for any kitchen table.  Brighten up your day, and savor the flavor of a true southern staple…honey on a biscuit.


Black Locust

Coming out of winter and into early spring, black locust trees are one of the first to blossom in our region.  Yet the blossoms only last for 7 to 10 days, resulting in a short nectar flow cycle.  The beekeepers that are wanting this honey have to react quickly in the early spring.  An extremely light and transparent colored honey with a floral aroma, Black Locust honey’s exceptionally sweet flavor is the perfect blend of vanilla and floral flavors (with the aftertaste).  Perfect for paring with many kinds of cheese.  Enjoy!

Black Mangrove

We source this very rare honey directly from the only beekeeper in the state of Florida with legally permitted access to the remote areas of the world-famous Mosquito Lagoon in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  With its unique flavor and texture, many honey connoisseurs consider it to be one of the best tasting selections in all the world.  Dark honey with rich citrus flavors and just a very slight hint of salt to it, folks not only put it in and on many favorite foods and beverages, they often just enjoy it straight off the spoon.  



Blueberry Blossom

Blueberries are native to North America and are perennial flowers providing us not only with delicious indigo-blue colored berries but a smooth medium amber honey derived from the pollination of blueberry bushes.  Working in conjunction with blueberry farmers, studies have shown that for each hive placed per acre, a farmer can expect another 1,000 pounds of fruit.  With hints of blueberry throughout the honey, this selection is the perfect addition to your morning tea or served as a drizzle over a stack of pancakes.  Enjoy!



This honey is sourced from a small evergreen holly bush (also known as inkberry) that grows in and around the flatlands of North Carolina (e.g., Bladen Lakes State Forest), Georgia, as well as all along the South Atlantic and Gulf Coast – Northern Florida regions.  It is desirable for the honey’s rich, elegant taste and is prized for its honeycomb.  This honey is naturally low in glucose (slow to crystallize) and is used by many athletes as a recovery food.  This one is a great addition to anyone’s pantry…or gym bag!


Midwest Clover


Known for its mild, floral flavors, Clover honey is an American staple.  Known for its sweetness and levity, it’s the perfect honey for everyday healthy eating by casual honey lovers; as well as the most sophisticated palate.  Provided through our apiary network partners in South Dakota, Montana, and Idaho, this sun-colored light honey is the product of thousands of honeybees foraging the windswept fields of the great plains or the high-mountain forage lands of Idaho, Montana, and western Wyoming, finding the many varieties of clover waiting to welcome them. 



Known as multi-floral (or poly-floral) honey, Wildflower honey is derived from the nectar of a variety of many flowers and/or blossoms.  As a general rule, Wildflower honey is usually darker in color, offering more antioxidants as compared to lighter-colored honey.  As the flowers and blooms used to make Wildflower honey vary throughout the spring, summer, and autumn seasons, the aroma and flavor will also vary.  Usually taking on the aroma and flavor of the more dominant flowers and blooms at the time the nectar is collected by the forager bees.  Our spring and early summer Wildflower honey are usually rich, amber-colored honey.  While in late summer to early fall, the nectar from Buckwheat and Goldenrod makes for a rich, dark honey.  All of it bursting with flavor!


Mono-floral honey which is unique to the Southern Appalachian Mountain region of the U.S.  Sourced from the Sourwood tree, which grows 40 to 60 feet tall and blooms from late June through July.  Sourwood honey is sought by honey connoisseurs and honey purists worldwide.  When harvested, it is generally extra-light to light amber in color (with lavender hues), and tends to darken to a dusky straw color as it ages.  This quintessential mountain honey is extremely aromatic, with a distinctive flavor offering a persistent sweet and pleasant aftertaste.


Sweet Heat Hot


Sweet Heat Hot Honey is the perfect addition to your favorite foods enhanced by sauces.  Try it on Chicken, Pork, BBQ Ribs, Wings, Pizza, and more!  Made with pure, raw & unfiltered Midwest Clover Honey, infused with just the right amount of Chili Pepper extract, this gourmet selection will have your mouth watering for more.  Enjoy!

Mountain Morning Maple Honey

Who doesn’t love the sweet flavor of Natural Maple Syrup on warm pancakes, waffles or oatmeal?  We sure do.  But seeing as how we love honey even more, we decided to infuse Natural Maple Extract with an extra light amber Wildflower Honey.  We believe the result is the perfect addition to your morning favorites.  An absolute must have on any breakfast table!  It’s also fantastic over a bowl of Vanilla ice cream.

New Creamed Honey Lineup

Our Creamed Honey lineup is second to none.  All four offerings begin with Pure, Natural and Raw Wildflower Honey, which is whipped into a creamy, smooth butter-like texture.  Spread as a tasty addition to your favorite baked goods, or simply enjoy a spoonful in your favorite hot beverage.  Each is sure to quickly become an unforgettable new favorite to your tastebuds.  Let the spreading begin!

Raspberry Blossom


A smooth light amber honey derived from the nectar provided in the white blooms of raspberry bushes during pollination season (June – July).  This artisan honey is a single varietal or mono-floral honey, which means that the honeybees have collected the nectar predominately from one nectar source.  With hints of raspberry throughout the honey and a berry-sweet finish that’s warm to the palate, this selection is wonderful drizzled over chocolate, yogurt and makes for a great sweetener in hot or iced tea.  Enjoy!



Provided in limited quantities from our network partner in Florida, Tupelo Honey is a very mild and smooth floral-tasting honey.  It has a light golden amber color and is absolutely delicious!  At the opportune time, the hives are moved into place along the banks of the Calhoun, Chipola, and Apalachicola rivers, where there is an abundance of tupelo gum trees.  While only in bloom for 2 to 3 weeks, this unique honey offering is a rather difficult product to collect and provide.  We are fortunate to offer Tupelo Honey to our customers, yet quantities are limited.  


Orange Blossom


Obviously not native to Western North Carolina, we are fortunate to have a U.S. beekeeper as part of our network who is located smack dab in the middle of the beautiful orange groves of Florida.  As one of our most popular offerings, this delicious selection is only produced by bees in the spring when the orange trees are blossoming.  While varying in color and flavor from year to year, orange blossom honey is heavily sought for its subtle fragrance and taste of the citrus blooms from whence it has originated. Whether drizzled over your favorite fruit or yogurt, Orange Blossom honey will add the special taste of citrus-soaked sunshine to your day.   

Special Note:  Florida’s Orange Groves have unfortunately been all but completely decimated by a bacterium called Huanglongbing, which originated in China and prevents green fruit from ripening properly.   Since 2004, it is estimated that 5,000 of the state’s 7,000 growers have lost their groves.  This devastating pathogen is spread by an invasive tiny insect called a citrus psyllid, and has wiped-out thousands of farmers, packers and processors.  Negatively impacting the U.S. Orange Blossom Honey market as well. 

In an effort to maintain a reliable supply of some wonderful, tasty Orange Blossom Honey, Whole Hive Honey Company has partnered with an excellent apiary in Brazil for additional raw, Orange Blossom Honey.  Your order may be filled with either U.S. or Brazilian honey, depending on availability at the time of order.

Honey Sticks

Honey Sticks are flavored honey straws that are naturally sweet and convenient for tea, coffee and snacking on the go.  With nine (9) flavors of pure naturally flavored honey sticks, Whole Hive Honey Company offers the perfect treat and sweetener instead of processed sugar choices.  Enjoy rich flavor and sweetness, conveniently packaged for ease of use and your tasting pleasure.

  • Each Honey Stick holds 1 tsp (5 grams) of Honey

  • Only 15 calories per Honey Stick

  • No artificial colors or ingredients

  • Each Honey Stick is 6.5 inches long

  • Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union


Packed: (10/PK)



Chris Conner (828) 773-9284

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